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Optimize title description tags and h1 headings. Set up microdata for contacts. From the Internal ranking factors block, image optimization is planne for the next month. PromoPult module It is also necessary to finalize commercial factors and an expert audit of the work done. PromoPult module Filling with content within the module Project development. At the time of the start of the promotion, there were only news from the information sections on the site. A brief description of the objects using the company’s products and photos. In the Project development module. The text in the About the company section was update. And 8 articles were ordere and poste. Topic examples: Artificial ice for skating rinks: types. Composition and advantages.

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Case studies of the use of synthetic ice in China Phone Number List indoor skating rinks for mass skating. Artificial ice for outdoor skating rinks: installation features and benefits Operation and maintenance of synthetic ice Under the articles on the site create a special section – Useful information . From its pages, linking was set up to product sections and About the company , which increase the internal link weight of sections important for promotion. Working with external factors To improve external ranking factors, work was done to select suitable donor sites and place links. PromoPult has its own technologies for selecting and filtering trust donors, which ensure the transfer of link weight from truste authoritative sites. This minimizes the risk of being penalize by search engines.

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The key to successful external website promotion is a gradual increase in the reference mass and placement of links on thematically relate resources. Therefore, we have place links in the content of relate information sites about indoor ice rinks, children’s hockey, ice skating and hockey training in the summer, and others . Benefits of PromoPult SEO Phone Number QA Module for Business Owners The SEO module contains all the tools for complex website promotion in search engines. And you don’t nee to be a professional to use them – a simple interface, hints and automation will help. Here are some other benefits of the SEO module.

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