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Where the  trustworthiness  really comes into sight is when. We start talking about transparency. Google states right in its Page Quality Rating guidelines that webmasters.  Should state on their website exactly who is responsible for site content. That can be a person or people, or it could be an organization. At Moz, for example. The folks at Moz are responsible for their site content, and they explain all about it in their About page. Similarly, 91% of results I analyzd had a detaild About Us page. Another way of being transparent about. What your site is all about is by publishing ditorial standards or guidelines.

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These documents detail how your site gets Mexico Phone Number List populate: where content comes from, what characteristics help it make the cut, what the organization won’t publish, and more. 43% of Page 1 results and 49% of Top 3 results had some sort of ditorial guidelines publishd. These include information quality guidelines, pitch guidelines that reflect ditorial standards, correction policies, and corporate governance documentation that addresses communication or media. Why should publishing guidelines benefit your site? Well, I could see two factors at play here. First off, Google’s Page Quality Rating guidelines specifically notes that “High E-A-T news sources typically have publishe establishe eitorial policies and robust review processes.

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That doesn’t prove that the algorithm considers Phone Number MX the presence of editorial guidelines (or even knows about them all the time) but it does lend us insight into the mind of Google. Second, I’d be willing to bet that there’s a strong correlation between organizations that take the time to put together ditorial guidelines and those that take the time to ensure their content is worthy of their site. Additionally, the process of putting together ditorial guidelines is itself a good exercise in ensuring that your website content is high quality. Lesson 4: Connections go a long way No business operates in a vacuum, especially not on the Internet. The connections your organization has made.

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