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Website design tips 8. Responsiveness The clear trend in digital is to move away from mobile use, i.e. browsing via smart phones, with about 50% of users browsing via mobile phone. That’s why it’s very important that your website is responsive, that is, a website that is also suitable for surfing on mobile phones and tablets. Because the display settings are different between the different screens, there are websites that are not optimize for use via the cell phone or tablet, so browsing is not convenient for the user and even impossible. In these cases the users will leave the site quickly. It is important to make sure that the site is suitable for all types of devices in order to prevent the escape of traffic and to achieve our goals from the audience. contact-form-7 404 “not found.

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Accessibility The law in the State of Israel states that all Brazil Phone Number List websites must be accessible to disable populations, including the blind and visually impaire, the mobility impaire, the hard of hearing and the deaf and even dyslexic and those with attention and concentration problems. The accessibility of the sites will adapt the use of the site to these populations as well and will allow them to enjoy all the services and options that the site offers fully and equally. Website accessibility is important not only as a social-egalitarian act, but also for the website’s ranking in the various search engines, primarily Google.

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Google’s search algorithm is programme so that an Phone Number QA accessible site is ranke higher than a non-accessible site, so the accessibility of the site also improves your ranking in Google and therefore improves the chance of being expose to it. 10. Avoid using flash Unless it is really critical for your site and for its users, try to avoid using Flash. Flash is a multimeia software use to create relatively complex graphics on websites. Its use was very common in the past as it allowe a wide range of options for designers, but today similar results can be achieve with the help of other software.

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