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Month comparison stats (August 2021-January 2022 to February-July 2022).we’ve achieved the following: Leads: Clicks: (411%) Impressions (137%) Average position: (increased almost 10 spots) This was mostly achievdep, so that hopefully you can generate similar results for your own business. Objectives If you really break it down, the objective of all SEO consultancy work is essentially the same. Increase the number of leads for a business. This was our ultimate goal. It’s not just as simple as that, though. We all know you can’t get to number one on Google overnight.

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So like other SEO geeks out there, we tracke our Azerbaijan Phone Number List successes through additional factors such as clicks, impressions, and average position, to show our efforts were worthwhile. In January this year (2022) our goals for the next six months were as follows: Leads: Just over double from 95 to  Clicks: (around 200%) Impressions: (around 100%) Average position (around eight spots) Insolvency Experts’ audience is primarily directors of. UK businesses that are going insolvent, closely followe cy processes, such as liquidation, administration, and CVAs (Company Voluntary Agreements), so it was really important for us to push these areas.

Azerbaijan Phone Number List

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Our strategy  Research “company Phone Number MX liquidation” search volume and relate queries We first picke this client up in November 2020. Initially, our focus was on the basics: updating all the top level pages (such as service pages and guides) to make sure they fit the intention of the user and clearly explaine the services that Insolvency Experts offer. Researching what works well at present One of the pages that our content team update was their company liquidation guide. After updating, the page starte to perform very well in the SERP.ions for each action Scheduling the tasks We then scheduled these topics for our various content writers to work on using our project management software.

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