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If you start to distribute your content, you’re 10 steps ahead. Congratulations. Optimize If you want to go 20 steps ahead, also optimize your content. What does that mean? Tactics It means that you are going to consider offsite optimization. You’re going to consider onsite optimization. Ensure that the title tags, the H1s, all of those things are roote in research. Make sure that if you have a piece of content, you’re also cross-referencing the people also ask questions box on Google to inform what other content should we be adding into this piece. A piece of content that you publishe three years ago, that generate some backlinks, generate some organic traffic, and starte to decline because more content on that topic starte to show up doesn’t mean it’s no longer a good asset.

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What it means is it nees to be refreshe. It nees to be Portugal Phone Number List update. So take the time to do that onsite optimization effort to make that content just as valuable today as it was three years ago. Invest the time in optimizing your content with new data, new information. You want to do that. You also want to ensure that the interlinking within your website between that asset and other assets’ priority landing pages is happening. You want to optimize your content forever, but not just from a search lens. You also want to think about it from a conversion lens. Can these pieces get people closer to the money.

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Can they get closer to sign up, to an Phone Number MX acquisition point, to that key conversion goal that you’re setting out to accomplish? Those are the types of things that you want to be thinking about. People Who would be involve here? Everything from SEOs to CROs, to writers and strategists. You might even have some people on your team that are solely dedicate to running an in-depth audit and review of your content assets and then updating them on a regular basis. If you have billions of pages, maybe you nee to involve the team that’s running engineering, etc.

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