First acquaintance with portrait labels, and the Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List practice of breaking through the barriers of low-level calls

In this class. Liang ning continued to talk about the iterative content in the “System capability” module of the product. Unlike the previous class. Which emphasized the coherence and standardization of the overall iteration. This class emphasized the core of the iteration. The key points are: Starting with the best kernel. Iterating one action at a time and making small choices one at a time. Will make your product and your life. The homework for this class is: Products such as wechat red envelopes have been unable to break through the barriers for several months. Have your products ever encountered such a situation? How did you do it? Your life product.


Types of portrait tags

How are you going to iterate? Today. I will Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List complete the homework of liang ningliu’s first topic. When I introduced my project in the previous article. I introduced the bi visualization system article in several pages. This time. Let’s introduce the content related to portraits. Before describing the scene where our portrait tag cannot break through the barriers of the circle. Let’s have a preliminary understanding of what a portrait tag is? 1. Basic knowledge of portrait tags Let’s look at a story first: a male clothing brand wants to advertise on wechat moments. Considering the cost and effective reach rate. How should the company configure the reach of the advertisement?


Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List

Definition of portrait tag

If it is launched by all users. If the more than 1 Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List billion users of wechat are fully launched. It will definitely be a very high cost. And the conversion rate will definitely not be good. Then we must consider launching it in the target group where the cost is controllable. What should we do as a male clothing? How about positioning your target audience? 1. Definition of portrait tag Enterprises can mine and refine based on product positioning and historical sales data. Assuming that the target group is 25-35-year-old (age) male (gender) users with per capita consumption of around 800-1.000 yuan (price preference). The selected labels are “Price preference. Age. Gender”.

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