Firefox 80 for Android Brings Back the Back Button

At the end of july this year .Mozilla released firefox 79 for android with numerous. Changes. However, the release. Received criticism from users as it lacked several feature.S and extensions that were previously available. In the browser. For example, firefox 79 only offered support for a few extensions at launch, did not include the .Page had issues with local password migration, and design issues with. The revamped tab switcher. In an. Attempt to address these issues, mozilla. Is now rolling out firefox 80 for. Android with. The following changes: firefox 80 brings back back button at user request.

Firefox 80 Introduces the Following Changes for Web Developers

The update also introduce. The tab history viewing feature, which can be enabled by long-pressing the tab. Enhanced tracking protection is turned on by default. The update now allows users to open as many tabs as they want and organize. Them into collections . Private browsing mode can now be accessed with a single tap. The bottom Belarus Phone Number List navigation bar .Now facilitates more ergonomic. Browsing. The update introduces a separate switch for dark mode. Users can now multitask while playin.G videos in picture-in-picture mode. Firefox 80 is based on the independent geckoview engine.

Mozilla Has Released the Firefox 80 Mobile Browser Update for Android

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In addition to the changes. Mentioned above, firefox 80 for android also includes several security fixes. You can check all the vulnerabilities fixed in the latest version .On the browser security page . In addition, firefox 80 introduces the following. Changes for web Phone Number QA developers: development tools you can now block .And unblock network requests using :blocki commands. :unblockin the web console. When adding a class to an element in the page inspector rules panel, existing classes are suggested using autocomplete. When the debugger breaks on an exception, the tooltip in the source pane now shows .An expansion with stack traces. The network. Monitor request list displays a turtle icon for “Slow” requests that exceed a configurable timeout threshold.

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