Fashion Week Was Also Organized in the Metaverse

Recently, the first Fashion Week was also organized in the metaverse. For five days, famous fashion houses showed their latest fashion in a unique way. Visitors could also try on virtual Estée Lauder makeup and for each visitor there was free gold glitter, which made the virtual visitors sparkle.

Content and advertising

It will also usher in a new era for content creators. More than 50 million people call themselves ‘content creators’. A market of just under 100 billion euros, in which 41% of the makers actually earn a good income . With the new possibilities to not only create 3D content, but also bring it to life, for example, by letting visitors experience and absorb it, this industry could even double in the next 5 years.

And what will be the possibilities for advertising in the metaverse? Meta has already applied for several patents for this, which show that it will be an important part of their metaverse strategy.

Events and training in the metaverse

I have now organized the first events and training courses in the metaverse and the reactions have been positive. People go to events for a piece of experience. With a good setup you can also facilitate this beautifully in the metaverse. Everyone can participate from their own favorite location. But the metaverse has no restrictions, as I wrote before , you can build and color the event space yourself. The Sims goes events!

Research shows that training in a metaverse can offer Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists many advantages over regular physical training. Not only can you visualize things much easier, but you can also make training much more interactive. It would be much nicer for introverted and autistic people to participate, which in turn reinforces the success of the training.

Australia Physiotherapist Email Lists

Not only meeting, but also in the field of collaboration I see great opportunities.

Learning and collaborating in the metaverse

Many elements that are now becoming popular in the metaverse have been used by companies for years. Especially in the field of digital twins , major manufacturers are leading the way with the deployment of virtual reality by their staff.

Aircraft manufacturer Boeing, for example, turns its aircraft into a digital twin, which mechanics can virtually walk through. This way they can test and practice certain things. That alone has saved 75% of the time required to train its technicians. Hong Kong airport trains employees in a virtual reality twin of the airport.

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