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What if there is a form, say, on my home page? This still does not make your home page a landing page (it is important to clarify that it is not a bad thing to put a contact form on the home page, it is even recommende). Why? Because if we return to the definition of a landing page at the beginning of our article, a page must fulfill two criteria in order for it to become a landing page: There should be a form and/or a phone number on it Its raison d’être should be solely to capture the details of the visitor through the form or phone number Your home page, even though it has a contact form and a phone number, still exists to fulfill other functions besides capturing the surfer’s information.

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For example, tell the surfer about the company, about Estonia Phone Number List the founder, show examples of the services or products sold, etc. These are all great and important things, but they will distract the surfer from leaving details. This is exactly why landing pages are so critical. Every business has weekly/monthly sales goals. Assuming the business nees to provide its salespeople (even if the salesperson is the business owner himself) with potential customers all the time and therefore it nees several landing pages on its website to fulfill this nee. In this way, you will be able to direct the traffic of the surfers to those targete pages, each of which sells a different service/product, and their whole role is to connect the business with more and more customers.

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The five critical elements of a winning landing page: The Phone Number QA unique value proposition of your product or service Every service or product has advantages over the competitors in the market. Maybe you provide a higher quality service? Maybe your price is more competitive? Could it be that your market share is the largest? Reflect these things to the potential customers! The value proposition should be structure in a way that is easy to understand by a surfer who will not spend more than a few seconds on your landing page.

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