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The internet bonus period has passed. Users and customers have become more and more critical. And good experience has become the core competitiveness of enterprises. In the internet where user experience is relatively mature. The concept of customer experience and the concept of customer-centricity have been paid more and more attention and development. Enterprises are also willing to pay more cost and time to try to improve their competitiveness and survivability through experience management. Therefore This is a very good trend and a healthy development of various growth and operating systems that are becoming more mature.



Customer Experience and Customer Journey

However. The lack of practical Chile WhatsApp Number List experience management execution methods and entry points is a big confusion at present. The characteristics of experience management Friends familiar with experience management should know that it includes four aspects: brand experience. Product experience. Employee experience and customer experience. When it comes to product experience. Therefore The internet has arguably done it best in the past decade. Employee experience refers to the humanized management of employees within the enterprise and the colorful company life in recent years. As well as various one-stop services. Allowing employees to feel a good experience. This also allows the public to see the charm of internet companies. But for customer experience.


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The core meaning of the customer journey

It is basically a development trend that has Chile WhatsApp Number List been neglecte in the past but is now value. And is most in line with the current concept of consumer experience. More and more internet companies are beginning to follow the customer experience model. From top to bottom.  top to bottom to study a set of management systems in line with their respective enterprise models. From the data point of view. 75% of customers are not satisfied with the existing customer experience provide by the enterprise. But 80% of customers will share their positive customer experience with more people. This proves the urgency of the demand for customer experience management in enterprises now.

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