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If you’re not sure what to include in your attribute list, check your GBP. And carry over any boxes you checke there. That said, don’t limit yourself to those items — feel free to add as many attributes as are helpful to your customers. Illustration of a mobile phone showing a location page example with attributes and staff bios. Staff profiles One of the things that is (almost) always unique to each business location is the people. Who work there. Highlighting notable staff members’ profiles is a great way to show.  Humans and search engines what (and who) to expect when they arrive.

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Hours & NAP Hours of operation and NAP Nigeria Phone Number List info (name, address, and phone number) are the most basic form of unique content, but don’t forget to add them to your location pages. Additionally, make this information easy for customers to find on the page so they can get in touch or get directions quickly. NAP information can also be accompanie by an embedde map. Illustration of a mobile phone showing a location page with hours and NAP info. 5. Photos Photos on your location page (and GBP for that matter). Should be of the location the page is about. Avoid generic, santistize storefront images that aren’t of the actual storefront. Instead, include photos that show customers what they’ll experience at the store (inside and out).

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Both of your audiences (humans and search Phone Number MX engines) are very good at detecting these types of patterns and, should a website visitor become foot traffic, customers are more likely to be disappointe, confuse, or frustrate if the photos don’t match reality. Screenshots of location page examples of Sprinkles shops showing unique storefront images. It goes without saying that stock photos shouldn’t show up on your location pages, either. 6. Reviews Think of reviews as user-generate content for your location pages. When you add them, make sure you’re including ones specific to the location the page is about, as oppose to one fed of every review for every location.

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