Encourage Experimentation Bernoff Shows a Number

Bernoff shows a number of quotes from different organizations in his keynote:

  • “To find the most active social users for an internal initiative, search for people from your own company within social environments.” – Sogeti
  • “We’re nearly always in a half-baked mode. Half-baked ideas allow people [both internally and externally] to give you feedback.” – Barry Judge, CMO, Best Buy
  • “As a social pioneer, learn how to take the arrows and risks and move fast. Experiment.” – Dell

3. Create support for collaborative systems

Creating support in the organization for the use of social media and other new technology is important for success. You can do this, for example, with a weblog where your employee’s CIO & CTO Email List in the organization inform about the opportunities and dangers of using social media. BBVA has done this, for example, to communicate internally with each other. “A perfect example,” says Bernoff.

CIO CTO Email List

4. Use groups to spread your best practices

Groups, communities can spread your most successful examples. Dell is a good example of this, according to Bernoff. Dell has a huge amount of social media channels. These are of course managed by different groups from the organization.

Social media throughout your organization

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Bernoff clearly indicates in his keynote that social media is not only an activity for the marketing department. According to Bernoff, social media will permeate the entire organization. Social media also provide useful input for departments such as R&D. Marketers who specialize in social media will take on a different role in the organization and support employees in using it.

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