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These terms guarantee that it is a good website, with a good user experience and it will provide value to its users. Google Adsense requirements: Unique, original and relevant content for users. Easy and clear navigation throughout the site and in the menus. The applicant is 18 or older (for young people, you can request that the account be opene in the name of an adult such as a parent). Google requires that you have ownership of your website. Mainly because it is about embeding HTML code. You cannot open more than one AdSense account. If there are several sites, they can all be containe in one account. If you nee a business account or for another business, you can create a new account provide that it is account details and receives a different payment.

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Compliance with all regulations of the program including Peru Phone Number List prohibition of illegal traffic, prohibition of illegal clicks, prohibition of encouraging clicks, prohibition of displaying ads with prohibite or illegal content, prohibition of displaying ads that affect user experience, ad behavior, ad placement, website behavior and more. You can get more information about the terms and policies here , here and here . How much can you earn with Google AdSense? The amount of your income or profit from the Google AdSense program depends on many factors, among others: the number of views or exposures, the type of content found on the site (category), the geographic location of the users, the way the ads are set up, the Google Ads auction, and more.

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In addition, it should be taken into account that the Phone Number QA ads displaye on the site are base on the Google Ads advertising system, where the advertisers determine the maximum price they are willing to pay, and on the other hand there are also many advertisers competing for advertising space. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly the amount that can be earne. For example, if you have a website in a competitive field and the volume of surfer movements is large enough, then the profits there reach thousands of dollars a month or more. The amounts can also be tens of thousands and hundres of thousands per month. When you start publishing, after a reasonable amount of data.

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