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Emojis have been booming in email marketing and on social media since 2015. Certainly social provides a good environment for brands to experiment with emojis in their communication. KLM took a big hit in 2016 by launching a then-groundbreaking emoji travel service.

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Emojis in copy

Of course, we don’t all need to build a special chatbot to be able to use emojis in our expressions. They can also be of added value for simple social media posts and make your post stand out more. Emojis, if you use them properly, make it easier to quickly scan a text. We understand non-verbal communication faster. As mentioned, the meaning or popularity of an emoji can sometimes differ per (sub)culture. This underlines the HR Directors Email Lists importance of target group research, preferably with a test panel with members from that target group. Also keep in mind that the meaning of emojis can shift over time Think of the. Keeping your finger on the pulse is therefore always a good idea. Brenda Speelman previously gave these 5 tips and discusses even more best practices for emoji use. This infographic will also help you on your way. Very handy if you want to attract attention, considering the average scrolling speed of the user. And it significantly increases the chance of engagement.

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Rules of thumb

A well-known rule of thumb is to treat emojis as punctuation marks in your text. So don’t stuff that heart in the middle of your sentence but put it down at the end. Also do not replace words with emojis, this does not improve readability. In general, you can experiment, but don’t overdo it. A good example in this regard is the Chevrolet car brand, which once issued an entire press release in emoji.

Source: Chevrolet

Do they add nothing? Then you better leave them alone. Also, don’t use emojis that are too ambiguous or that you don’t know the meaning of. When in doubt, check Emojipedia.

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