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Query intent is to make a purchase or otherwise convert. Audience segment Who are you writing this for? It seems like such a basic question to answer. But in my experience, it’s easy to forget! When it comes to SEO-focus content briefs. It’s easy to assume the answer to this question is “for whoever is searching this keyword. But what that fails to answer is who those searchers are and how they fit into your company’s personas ideal customer profile (ICP). If you don’t know what those personas are, ask your marketing team. They should have target audience segments readily available to send you.

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This will not only help your writers better Ukraine Phone Number List understand what they should be writing, but it also helps align you with the rest of the marketing department and help them understand SEO’s connection to their goals (this is also a critical component of getting buy-in, which we’ll talk about a little later). 6. The goal action you want your readers to take SEO is a means to an end. It’s not only enough to get your content ranking or even to get it earning clicks/traffic. For it to make an impact for your company, you’ll want it to contribute to your bottom line.

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That’s why when creating your content brief, you Phone Number QA not only ne to think about how readers will get to it, but what you want them to do after. This is a great opportunity to work with your content marketing and larger marketing team to understand what actions they’re trying to drive visitors to take. Here are some examples of call-to-actions (CTAs) you can include in your briefs: Newsletter sign-ups Gat asset downloads (e.g. free templates, whitepapers, and ebooks) Case studies Free trials Request demo Product listings In general, it’s best to use a CTA that’s a natural next step bas on the intent of the article. For example, if the.

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