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Queries that the usual tools won’t provide data for. For example, if you want to know what people are searching for relat to COVID-19, you can’t get that data in Keyword Planner or most tools that utilize the platform, because of the advertising restrictions around it. But if you add it to the suggest queries string, you can see: This can give you a starting point for new queries to cover without relying on historical volume. And it doesn’t just give you suggestions for broad topics – you can add whatever query you want and see what relat suggestions are return. If you want to take this to another level.

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You can change the location settings in the Luxembourg Phone Number List query string, so instead of  you can add us and see the suggest queries from the US. This then opens up another opportunity to look for differences in search behavior across different locations, and start identifying differences in the type of content you should be focusing on in different regions  particularly if you’re working on international websites or targeting international audiences. Refining topic research Although the usual tools won’t give you that much information on brand new queries, they can be a goldmine for identifying additional opportunities around a topic.

Luxembourg Phone Number List

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So if you have min the PAA feature, scrap autosuggest, and Phone Number QA group all of your new opportunities into topics and themes, you can enter these identifi topics” as se terms to most keyword tools. Google Ads Keyword Planner Currently in beta, Google Ads now offers a “Refine keywords” feature as part of their Keyword Ideas tool, which is great for identifying keywords relat to an overarching topic. Below is an example of the types of keywords return for a “coffee” search: Here we can see the keyword ideas have been group into: Brand or Non-Brand.

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