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Meaning there are easy wins out there for any EV charger brand that makes a concert review acquisition effort. If you’re building out landing pages on the brand’s website for each charging station locale. Include a strong call to action and link to leave a review on Google on these pages. You can also use a free review link generator and then shorten the. URL using a service like bitly for text or email-bas review requests. Just don’t ask for reviews in bulk; if you get too many at once, Google may filter them out as suspicious. And never incentivize reviews in any way  it can result in review loss, penalties, and legal actions.

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Questions & Answers Unsurprisingly, EV charging Cambodia Phone Number List station listings show customers using Google’s Q&A feature to ask about costs and how to use the kiosks. These are leads for the brand and should be answer by the brand, rather than being left up to the public for responses of varying quality. If you’re using Moz Local to manage your listings, the dashboard will alert you each time a new question comes in on any of your listings. Google Posts Google Posts are a great way to make a brand stand out from less active competitors by microblogging persuasive content that appears on your listings, but for the typical EV charging brand, this feature is problematic.

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Google doesn’t allow large chains to Phone Number QA post in bulk to their listings. There are some third-party services that facilitate hacks for this scenario. Listings beyond Google Google may be your dominant source of local business listings, but don’t hit the brakes there. Moz has mapp out the partners in our location data distribution network that currently support listings for EV charging stations. Talk to us about building your presence in key mapping applications like Apple Maps, search engines like Bing, aggregators.

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