At the same time, Douyin is also increasing the exposure of the content of short dramas, boys don’t like India Phone Number

We’ve lost count of the number of people who have ignored our advice because they are India Phone Number “writing for a sophisticated audience”. It doesn’t matter. Clear and concise writing benefits everyone. Your content can be as complex as you want it to be. Your writing shouldn’t. Period. There is no time limit after payment, and you can watch the purchased short series repeatedly.

For the test of this function, Douyin will open a short drama column for creators. This window is located in the content column of Douyin creator’s personal center, and is side by side with the “Works”, “Likes” and other windows.

At the same time, Douyin is also increasing the exposure of the content of short dramas, and plans to use short dramas as a separate first-level entry on the homepage of Douyin App.

There is no identifiable actor here, nor would he or she be relevant. After all, we’re India Phone Number talking about a general action here, not a specific one. Any alternative active sentence would be less clear and concise than the passive sentence I wrote, so it’s the best option available.

According to media reports, Douyin recently tested a paid live broadcast room in a small area.

The blogger Daisy Onishi, within the scope of this test, can see that after two minutes of free viewing, the live broadcast interface will pop up a prompt to “buy tickets to continue watching”, and users need to pay “Shake Coins” to continue watching.

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Onishi Daisy has 600,000 fans and belongs to the talent anchor in the music field. It is reported that her first paid live broadcast data is better than other daily live broadcasts.

This is also the reason why Douyin has set the waist anchor as the subject of internal testing. The audience and fans of the waist anchor are concentrated in a small group of people. Fans agree with the value brought by the anchor and do not have much resistance to payment. If there are no “onlookers” to join in the fun, the anchor will be much less questioned.

In fact, as early as August 23, 2021, Ouyang Nana opened the payment function on the Douyin live broadcast platform.


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But what I didn’t expect was that Ouyang Nana, whose live ticket price was only 6 yuan, attracted frantic complaints from netizens.

“Six yuan Nana”, “Ouyang Nana should learn more from Andy Lau”, “Andy Lau didn’t charge for live broadcast, why should Ouyang Nana charge?” and so on.


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