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In general terms in Yandex Direct the technology works as follows: service The diagram clearly shows that the service is continuously learning to prevent click episodes. How the module is configure Setting up the module is easy. This will take a few simple steps. 1. In the upper left menu, find the “All tools” section, scroll down the list and click on the “Click protection” tab, after which the main page of the module will open. Click on the “Add Site” button. 2. Select sites that are advertise through your account . After that, specify advertising campaigns for protection. You will see the available options: cabinet After setting up, you can see exactly how much you can save after turning on the module. The algorithm takes into account the niche for advertising and the internal data of the service about fraud in its forecast.

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When there is too little data the system takes the average Poland Phone Number List information for all clients. 3. The module will offer to install the code on all pages of your web resource, and then pass the test. The page loading spee will not change because the code is running asynchronously. Click protection 4. Determine how the module will work by selecting the mode: Click protection The module offers two options: “Monitoring and blocking”. We recommend choosing this mode. The module will analyze incoming traffic, make reports and prevent new click fraud from appearing. You can also further configure the probability of traffic filtering. We have already talke about this. You will be able to control the amount of filtere traffic. This mode shows itself best in narrow niches and advertising campaigns, where the volume of traffic is small; “Monitoring”. The module will analyze incoming traffic, make reports, but it will not be able to get rid of click fraud.

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The tool does not adjust bids so it is best to use it to test click theories. This mode can be use if you are afraid that the site will become much less advertising traffic. Usually this does not Phone Number QA happen, but with ultra-narrow targeting, a decrease in traffic is likely. Switching modes is available at any time. You can read about the correct campaign setup in Yandex Direct in our checklist . Depending on the situation, the module helps to save up to 15% of the budget. This means that a marketer, using one tool, is able to reuce the price of a lead by 15%, and companies can increase sales revenue by the same indicator. Click Protection is not the only module for budget savings and campaign analytics. Our service provides professional tools for selecting words, managing bids, parsing semantics, automatically compiling adsetc.

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