Do You Have Everything Ready for Black Friday When

You can’t leave everything for the last day. Now is the perfect time to think about what changes, discounts, promotions or sales strategies you want to carry out if you want them to work and give your sales one last push this 2018. Every year Black Friday is celebrated the day after Thanksgiving , one of the most important holidays in the United States. This year this national holiday is celebrated on November 22, so Black Friday officially kicks off on the 23rd. Black Friday is officially celebrated on November 23. It is important that you get your website ready for these dates,

For a Few Years Now This Particular

Tradition has been spreading more and more in Spain. And not only because almost all ecommerce launch strong sales strategies on these dates, but also because, each time, it lasts Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number days. Not only are special discounts launched on the traditional Black Friday, but there are already many who decide to extend their promotions and offers until the following Monday, Cyber ​​Monday. And even the whole week… Doesn’t Black Week ring a bell? Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday or Black Week… Be that as it may, prepare your ecommerce to give your sales a good boost.

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Sales Strategies to Sweep

Your website on Black Friday If you are still starting with your website or it is the first year that you decide to join this initiative and you do not know very well what sales strategies can work for you, you are in luck! In this post I am going to show you 7 sales strategies that can help you. Prepared? 1. Use social networks Whenever you launch a raffle, a contest, a special offer… publish it on the networks! That’s where your customers are and it’s a

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