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What about conversion optimization? Shirley van Haalem describes in her article the great opportunities and misconceptions of CRO . For example, she states that we need to look beyond just A/B testing (think about personalization, for example) and that we should optimize for user experiences, not conversions. Read the article to go through all five opportunities.

Conversion optimization is a fantastic tool to achieve your business goals. Bring focus to your approach and avoid wasting time on optimizations that yield little. This article takes a step-by-step approach .

Often there is little or no budget available to tinker with your own website, while a lot of money is used to attract the target group to the website. Joren van Gilst states that your website is a conversion machine that needs to be oiled regularly to continue to perform optimally. This article about the effect of conversion optimization is definitely worth reading if you still need to convince people within the organization of the usefulness of CRO. And in addition, you can also take a look at these handy basic tips for an optimal landing page for campaigns and promotions .

Finally, I would also like to point out this beautiful, critical piece by Wilte Zijlstra about the boundary between online temptation and deception . When do marketers really go too far?

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Customer journey

You are probably already familiar with Google’s See VP Quality Email Lists Think Do Care model to represent the customer journey. Charlotte Koopmans and Bart van Zundert describe a successor to this model. Instead of the aforementioned model, it is an intention-driven strategy , with which you use your marketing budget as efficiently as possible and reach the right visitor at the right time.

 VP of Quality Email Lists

Within the customer journey it is still difficult to determine which channels deliver something. Ruud Buijserd describes different attribution models for B2B marketers .


If you are just getting started with Google Analytics, you can no longer see the forest for all the trees and bells and whistles. Kjell de Raad helps you on your way with these basics , so that you get from a jumble of data to insights.

And if you do have your nose in Google Analytics: how much value do you attach to the bounce rate? Gerard Rathenau writes that it is better to measure the quality of website visitors . He explains how to do that in his article.

Google Data Studio

Also a good intention: visualizing data. Within a few clicks you have a dashboard available in Google Data Studio. But what’s in this dashboard? Are your KPI results and key objectives in your dashboard, including insights? Gerard Rathenau offers examples and a handy template to get you started in his article about Google Data Studio . And also read his piece on how to create a strategic dashboard for your director .

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