Step 1. Define Target Group & Focus Website Personalization

In an earlier article I wrote about the significant impact of website personalization on conversion, time spent on the website and sales opportunities. The statistics are remarkable. This is partly because website personalization makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for. Research shows that if people cannot immediately find the information they are looking for, they drop out much faster.

Unique Experience for Specific Visitors

Well-executed website personalization not only results in fewer dropouts. It also impacts loyalty, repeat purchases, and references . Customers and prospects feel better understood and valued and this is reflected in your KPIs.

The added value is therefore clear. But how do you ensure Partners Email Lists unique experience for specific visitors that your organization also experiences these benefits? Where do you start? What exactly are you going to personalize? The step-by-step plan below will help you on your way.

Partners Email Lists

Step 1. Define target group & focus

Website personalization focuses on providing a unique experience for specific visitors. It is therefore essential who you are going to focus on. Which target group do you want to offer a unique experience, and why? Personalization projects can easily become complex and large. As a result, more time, money and manpower is required.

This is also often the reason not to start with website personalization . That is why it is important to clearly define the target group and to keep the focus on that. This prevents the project from expanding to different target groups and you keep a grip.

Define the target group based on data from, for example, Google Analytics, the CRM system, conversations with sales, internal departments and other data sources. Ask yourself or the team the following questions: does website personalization provide a clear advantage in experience for this target group? And, does website personalization help the organization further in achieving its goals?

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