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Score of  indicating that most Page 1 results have a very clean, healthy backlink profile. Another 19% had scores of 2 or 3%. The Top 3 results mirrored these results (with 44% at 1% and 18% at 2 or 3%). Another way we can make some assumptions about link quality is by looking at referring domains. When there are loads of backlinks but very few referring domains. It seems less likely to be the result of deliberate link-building efforts. On the other hand, a higher number of referring domains could indicate more honest link-building tactics or simply just a really good web page that others want to link to.

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The average number of referring domains Nepal Phone Number List among Page 1 results was 752. Meanwhile, among the Top 3 results, the average was 1,594. Making connections with other organizations online by way of honest link-building efforts can be one way to expand your reach, but also show Google and other search engines that you offer quality, worthwhile content. Lesson 5: The right technology is essential Last, but absolutely not least, if you have a website, it neds to be set up securely so that visitors can trust that they’re not putting their data at risk by interacting with it. In my study, I found that 96% of all results (also 96% of just top 3 results) use HTTPS. Interestingly, those that didn’t most often occurrd in the military portion of the study.

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Websites today also nee technologies for cookie Phone Number MX notifications, and some use pop-ups to convey important messages. Others use advertising to monetize their site. In any of these situations, the website owner should aim to minimize disruption to the user’s experience. Just 42% of all results had a pop-up: most of them (81) were inviting the user to subscribe to something (e.g. a newsletter), while nearly an equal number (79) were communicating information relate to cookies. Having the right technology enable on your website may not seem.

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