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Means it has little-to-no likelihood of ranking, and you’ll also likely upset your writers. Who don’t want to cheapen their editorially excellent content by stuffing keywords into it. Don’t favor keywords with high volume over high intent match I once saw a brief where the SEO Manager requested that the writer use a certain phrase instead of another phrase because it had search volume while the other didn’t. The problem? While seemingly similar, the keywords actually had totally different intents. Don’t do this. At best, targeting keywords purely for volume’s sake can result in vanity traffic that never converts.

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At worst you’ll be trying to fit a square Vietnam Phone Number List peg in a round hole and likely missing intent-match completely. Don’t blindly follow keyword tools Keyword tools are helpful, but they’re not perfect reflections of search demand. For example, because they’re not always updated incredibly often, you may mistakenly think a query has no demand when in fact it has a ton. A good example of this is COVID-19 related keywords. As a newly trending topic earlier this year, many keyword research tools didn’t register that they had any search volume, when in fact they did.

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If you would have blindly followed the tool, you may Phone Number QA have missed out on the opportunity. To solve for this, you can use tools like Google Trends or even Google Search Console (if you have content on a trending topic or similar topic on your site already, you should be able to see impressions interest spiking within a few days). Don’t instruct writers to “include these keywords” (especially a certain number of times) When listing out the target query (or queries) in your content brief, it’s important that we instruct our writers that this is the main question to answer rather than this the word I need you to.

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