Create the best learning experience and Argentina WhatsApp Number List master the secrets of online education transformation

This “New process” is the first conversion. And I have always looked at “Pulling new” and “Transforming” separately according to the process. And his reply inspired me with a new perspective. Then he talked about his views on transformation. He mentioned the establishment of trust and pleasure. Which are all important elements in transformation. It just echoes the four most critical points of transformation that I have summarized before—trust. Comfort. Achievement. And pleasure. Continuously narrow the psychological distance with users and enhance the sense of trust; The rhythm is clear and orderly to guide the user to complete the path and provide a sense of comfort;



Start from the 4 characteristics of flow

Complete tasks under external and internal Argentina WhatsApp Number List drive and gain a sense of accomplishment; Continuously create a good touch experience for users and generate a sense of pleasure. Link to the original text: ” mastering the 4 core rules: students of community operation. Transformation will no longer be difficult!  I said: “The sense of smoothness is also very important. Guide users to experience a smooth experience step by step in the learning path. Feel smooth and unobstructed. And provide users with a comfortable and smooth feeling.” He responded: “The sense of smoothness is what we provide to users. From the operator’s point of view; when it is in line with the user’s cognitive level and physical and mental development. What is the user’s experience?


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Establish clear goals and reduce startup energy

You can think about it again. .” There was no Argentina WhatsApp Number List answer at that time. And I deeply sighed that the founder could really stand on the user’s point of view. And soon entered a more essential and in-depth thinking. Therefore And was impressed. When I got up early for a run the next day. A word popped into my mind – flow. When the learner enters a state of being undivided. Extremely smooth. And immersed in it. It is the most “Ideal” learning state. Users can’t feel the process and steps in the process. Which is the highest level of experience in one-stop. Unconsciously immersed learning. Although this is not necessarily the best answer. Therefore Thanks to his question. It inspired me to dig deeper. 2. What is flow? “Mental flow. In psychology.

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