Covid Notifications Coming in Today’s iOS

With today’s release of the ios 13.7 update to the mobile operating system, public health. Authorities around the world will. Be able to implement coronavirus exposure. Tracking without having to design their own apps, all thanks. To the previously planned joint extension of ios and android by apple and google. Apple announced today that it will release the ios 13.7 update. To the public today, including a significant expansion to its covid-19 exposure. Notification platform. When apple and google announced their. Collaboration on the. Covid-19 exposure notification api early in the pandemic, the companies detailed two phases of the technology. The first phase, which arrived .With ios 13.5, required users to first download an app from their public health .Authority (in poland, it was the .Protego app ) to consent .To exposure notifications.

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At the time, apple and google also. Hinted that they were working on a second phase that would. Reduce reliance on public health .Authorities and implement most covid-19 exposure. Notification technologies directly on ios and android. That’s what google and apple. Are announcing today, but with a few changes from what was. Initially Egypt Phone Number List expected. Ios 13.7 + instant exposure notifications. The basis of the new exposure notifications express system is ios 13.7, which apple. Will make available to all iphone owners today. However, public health .Authorities still have to join this system. For public health authorities, the process of adopting .Exposure notifications express is greatly .Simplified compared to adopting the exposure notification api.

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Public health authorities simply. Fill out a configuration file that includes their name, logo, criteria to trigger an exposure .Notification, and the information and protocol that. Is displayed to users after exposure to a person infected. With the coronavirus. Apple and google .Have much more responsibility for the covid-19 exposure express Phone Number QA notification system. The companies .Say they will use information provided .By public health authorities to offer fully. Operational exposure notification systems on behalf .Of public health authorities directly integrated. Into ios 13.7. Public health authorities still have. Full control of the system, even though they don’t. Have to develop their own app. This includes controlling how notifications are triggered, what next steps.To take, and guidance for potentially vulnerable people.

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