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There are no requirements for turnover and number of customers . It is not necessary to be a large agency with dozens of customers and advertising budgets of hundr es of thousands of rubles. Freelancers with just one client can also participate in the affiliate program. A single package of closing documents . For those who run campaigns in different advertising systems, such as Direct, VKontakte, myTarget, etc., will provide a single package of documents for everything. Marketing reports . All expenses and statistics can be track e from one screen. However, an affiliate program is far from everything that has to offer. The user will have a set of professional tools to select the target audience, automate and optimize advertising campaigns.

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Among the recent innovations is the antifraud module which Sweden Phone Number List provides savings of up to 15% of the advertising campaign budget. We invite you to broadcast “Can sites rich in thematic content generate advertising income” SapeSape 20 September 2022, at 15:35 Font:0996 Many sites are literally cramm e with content: news, articles, reviews and summaries. Often they attract quite large amounts of traffic that can be monetiz e by showing visitors display ads: various banners and video formats. However, the abuse of such content can distract the audience, cause its irritation and outflow, which is not includ e in the plans of the site owner. Sergey Samonin, CEO of the.

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RTBSape programmatic platform uses the example of real websites to study methods of monetizing traffic and maintaining a balance between advertising revenue and maintaining a positive Phone Number QA user experience. On September 26 at 13:00 on the Sape YouTube channel , he will review new cases and give recommendations on how to effectively place m eia ads. On air we are looking at: site with scientific articles, news and latest discoveries; site of a modern scientific journal, also full of content; portal propos e by the viewer (you still have a chance to send an application for analysis). The analysis will be interesting: owners of information portals with a lot of content who want to make money on traffic, but do not know where to start publishers.

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