Content but Also in Type of Content Choose a Combination

Think broadly and don’t miss any opportunities and more importantly: test what works for you and don’t blindly do what everyone else in the market is doing. Sometimes it works to use a microsite for a certain part of your website or a certain campaign. A microsite is a website in addition to a main website, which stands alone as an entity. This can be a separate domain or subdomain.

Often microsites are used for specific campaigns, products or target groups. Sometimes a microsite is used to tell or inspire a short story. These microsites also fall under content marketing. An example of this is the well-known Elfyourself (if nothing starts to dawn, just wait until the Christmas season arrives), which is a microsite of OfficeMax.

Buyers Rely on

What is also important is the frequency with which you VP Communications Officer Email Lists publish articles. According to a study by Hubspot , organizations that post 16 blogs per month or more generate 4.5 times more leads than companies that only publish 0-4 posts per month.

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The same study also shows that 47% of B2B buyers rely on content for research and base their decision to partner with the organization. In addition, visitors to a B2B website view on average at least three to five relevant content pages before contacting them or placing an order. Respond to this and regularly produce content that meets the needs of the target group.

Step 4: choose your channels

Now it’s time to choose your channels. Unfortunately, I don’t have a ready-made solution for you, because it can be different for every type of target group, industry and company. Which channels work best for B2B lead generation depends on which study you’re looking at. The best-functioning channels are also highly dependent on the industry in which you and your target audience operate.

Moreover, it is much more important how you use the channels than which channels you use. What I can say is that there are always a few channels that stand out above the rest when it comes to overall successful lead generation for B2B companies: email, social media, and organic.

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