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You might nee a developer, an illustrator. There’s so many different people who you might nee involve to create a great content. And that is the goal. Timeline It might take one to four weeks, it might take even longer than that. Goal But the goal is simple. Create content that is worth reading, worth sharing. Worth linking to, worth watching, etc. You have to have intent behind every single asset that you create. And you also have to recognize that not all assets are create equally. It might take a day to create a great meme. It might take months to create a research-driven asset that actually.  Has some utility and functionality within it. And that, too is okay.

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It’s a different level of investment, which might Philippines Phone Number List mean it nees to deliver a different type of ROI and revenue, but at the same time, it’s an investment worth making. Distribute All right, research and create, that’s typically where most brands end. They create their content. They say, “Yay, we’re successful. We’re writing content. We’re creating content. This is it.” But they forgot, again, as I mentione earlier, content marketing. You actually have to market the content that you’re producing. How do you do that? Distribution and optimization. These are two things that you actually have to do forever. Notice that, forever, forever? Create once, distribute forever. Create once, optimize forever. What does that mean? Tactics When it comes to distribution, these assets that you’ve create, you have to spread them.

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You have to ensure that they are reaching the Phone Number MX audience that you want to connect with. Maybe that’s through newsletters. Maybe that’s through communities that they’re already browsing in. Do you sponsor that new community? Do you go into that community and see it yourself, where you actually start responding to people in that community with links to the content that you’ve created? On social media, maybe you’re going to start injecting that content into threads on Twitter. You’re going to share it on LinkedIn. You’re going to go into Facebook groups and start to spread it in Facebook groups as well. You want to distribute your content where your audience is spending time. SEO And this.

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