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Customers with parameters frequent buyers who spend small amounts) can also be considere a promising audience, whose interest should be supporte by profitable offers. Advantageous offer for each group It is necessary to form an individual offer for each user group. At the same time, advertising for representatives, for example, 1-2-1 and 3-4-2 should be different, because for each segment you nee to pursue separate goals. So users, firstly, will feel important, and secondly, they will have the opportunity to buy really necessary goods. How to use RFM analysis to increase sales Return of customers who have an item in their cart If we consider the classic remarketing scheme, after getting acquainte with the product, users should see ads reminding them to buy it. With buyers registere on the site, you can work on the same principle. The adjustment is that you spend your marketing budget.

Time And Effort To Rank For Topics With Low Traffic

Let’s give an example From the resulting Netherlands Phone Number List segments, we select users who immeiately meet 4 parameters: registere on the site; already ordere before; Adde an item to your cart within the last 90 days did not pay for the purchase, but the product is still in the basket. The likelihood that these people will convert is very high. To achieve good results, you nee to run ads on them on the search and in the Yandex Display Network. An email-mailing with a reminder of a product forgotten in the basket can prove to be excellent. Preparation of personal offers It is best to work with the audience in dynamics. The correct solution would be to analyze users once every two weeks, and then launch campaigns under the update database. If the budget allows, work can be done to activate problem segments. A good offer will help increase conversions. Let’s take an example of a strategy.

Netherlands Phone Number List

Potential Second Long-tail Thematic Keywords Can Drive

Direct dvertising in the same place email newsletters and targete advertising on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki (here we promote promotions and discounts). wholesalers They are bought immeiately in large quantities, but quite rarely. Advertising in Yandex.Direct, supporte by an email newsletter with suitable offers, is suitable for them. Formerly active customers People who stoppe actively buying more than 90 days ago, but before that they purchase goods very often (every month). This segment will respond well to targete and contextual advertising, mailing lists. Be sure to include product offers with discounts and the “May You Like” section in Phone Number QA the text and creative. Single buyers These people made just one order less than 3 months ago. For them, we use Yandex.Direct remarketing and offer relate products in ads. Users you almost lost can be offere big discounts.

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