Contact Forms and Call Buttons is the Cheapest Way to Immediately Increase Your

The contact page is just as important. Make it as easy as possible for the user to contact us on this page. Analyze your contact form and remove all unnecessary fields. Think, for example, of Company name or Telephone number.

Analyze the user experience on mobile as well. Does the contact form work properly? Is the keyboard dynamic (does it switch from letters to numbers and back in logical places)? Is the telephone number clearly visible and clickable?

Even for websites where generating leads is not the primary goal, it is a missed opportunity if this is not made easy. Orders in B2B are usually larger than in the B2C market. Build trust by being easily accessible and offering help if there are questions. Optimizing contact forms and call buttons is the cheapest way to immediately increase your revenue.

Make the about us page part of the sales funnel

The about us page is a frequently visited page on a website. A good example is Coolblue , which tells exactly who they are and what it’s like to work there on this page. Photos and videos abound. The values ​​and vision are also told in an interesting way.

Do you tell something about yourself, besides all the formal stuff? You should. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, who is also just a human being in addition to being VP Purchasing Officer Email Lists a potential B2B lead. What is he doing on this page in the first place? He wants to learn more about you, the company, the team. If someone really wants to know about you, they’re interested. And that means: a potential lead!

 VP of Purchasing Email Lists

Wouldn’t it be a shame to lose a lead because of a bad about us page? Win your visitor over by telling something about yourself. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. What you should use anyway are photos. Photos of faces and, for example, the business premises. Everything that makes you unique and likable . Try to avoid a long-winded company history or summary of the website, aim for recognisability, authenticity and storytelling. Don’t forget to add a call to action on this page.

Step 3: deploy content marketing

By offering the right content at the right time to the right target group via the right channel, you increase the chance of a lead. This is called content marketing. Content is important to your B2B organization in several ways:

  • You increase your chance of being found organically for various search terms
  • You stay in touch with your target group
  • It shows your expertise and therefore reliability.

Don’t commit to just written content. Also videos, infographics, events, webinars, podcasts and the like belong to content. Provide a nice variety, so that you continue to stimulate the senses.

Vary in type of content, but also in type of content. Choose a combination of evergreen content that is always interesting:

  • how to content
  • FAQs,
  • checklists
  • case studies
  • tutorials
  • what is posts
  • reviews/reviews
  • columns
  • newsworthy content

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