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They resulte in so much more traffic that she decide. They warrante their own individual guides. Hence the idea for the hub. This would mean we weren’t putting all of our eggs into one basket. And that we could also internally link all of them together for users wanting to read more. Who want to speak to someone quickly, we place regular “Contact Us” CTAs throughout the content so that.’s easy to get lost in all the data within SEO. So it was incredibly important for us to have a solidlan and timeline for these changes. Topics were going to range from How to.

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Liquidate a Company with No Money through to Algeria Phone Number List Administration vs Liquidation. How we communicate planne works to our clients In order to orchestrate clear communication between ourselves and our clients, we create a Traffic Light Report, which is a live Google Sheets document detailing all work to be undertaken for the current and next quarter. This is split into sections for technical SEO, content, and digital PR/link building. This includes justification for each change we make, as well as a link to any live changes or documents. It also details when this will be done and if the action is with us or the client. The tasks are coloure in green for live changes, yellow for action neede, orange for in progress, re for anything on hold and clear for not starte.

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Here’s an example of what the content section Phone Number MX of Insolvency Expert’s traffic light report looks like for their current quarter (July-September 2022): Screenshot detailing content to be undertaken between July-September 2022, and justifications for each action Scheduling the tasks We then schedule these topics for our various content writers to work on using our project management software, ClickUp. Within each task we placeda link to a skeleton document consisting of H1s, H2s, and H3s, as well as a title, meta description and keywords to include. 3. Write the content while implementing technical SEO By this time.

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