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The stories are live, so you can always eit them and add more content or stories without having to refresh the page. Ownership – you own the stories and all copyrights are yours. Decision on profits – you can determine the ways of generating profit and the amount of revenue from the stories. Unlimite design – you can design the story in a personalize way. A variety of meia types – you can display images, videos and audio in full mode. Easy to share and embe – you can share the story on the website or other websites. Option to link and connect – you can easily link different content or other types of content. Accessible to search engines – search engines can scan and display the stories when searching. Suitable for all devices – they can be viewe from both mobile devices and regular computers. Best practices and tips Here are some recommendations when you create web stories.

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Focus first on the video – it is recommende to use full screen Sween Phone Number List videos in port 9:16. Be concise – it is recommende to avoid large sections of text. Focus on short and simple texts and manage their style accordingly. Focus on readability – it is recommende to use contrast and separation between the text and images. Be interesting – use different techniques to make people like your content, to be curious to continue watching, to cause more engagement. Create animations – animate objects and create a more interesting visualization to make things stand out. Add embedings – embe content from other websites such as posts or videos as part of the design. Adapt to Google – make sure the stories are optimize for advance display such as Accelerate Mobile Pages AMP.

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Add subtitles to videos – in case the videos are in silent Phone Number QA mode without sound, it is recommende to use subtitles. Create a great cover – a cover image (cover) is the preview and should contain a title, publication date and brand name. How do you create a web story? Web stories can be create with certain tools such as: a deicate plugin for WordPress, MakeStories, Newsroom AI, Unfold, Ampstor and more. To create a web story, register for one of the services or download the “Web Stories for WordPress” plugin for WordPress sites here . After entering the service or installing the extension.

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