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You will nee to build a sequence, add emails to this sequence and then determine.  When the emails will be sent. example: Welcome email – send immeiately Email 2 – after two days Email 3 – after 4 days Free trial/discount offer – after 5 days Add them to the customer list if they have made a purchase or to the newsletter list if they have not made a purchase The days are counte from the moment the welcome email is sent (“Who counts from skiing?!”) Note: Your email series will vary depending on the type of service you provide and who your target audience is.

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Use your opt-ins and segment your target audience Now you can Belarus Phone Number List organize the opt-ins on your website. Depends on what marketing tool you use/ Some of the common examples: Opt-ins base on your blog categories; This means you can segment people by where they registere Opt-ins differ base on the page they visit Opt-ins are different base on their location Different opt-ins base on their actions (abandoning the shopping cart or buying the product) A/B testing for different opt-ins. 8. Analyze and optimize your results Measure what works and optimize. To improve your opt-in rate you can change the wording, the opt-in style or the incentive.

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The same holds true for your email sequence: If you Phone Number QA notice that people aren’t opening your emails, you can test a few different subject lines. It is important to remember that the way you communicate with your new email subscribers should be completely different from. The way you communicate with existing customers. Both must be split. Summary Proper segmentation of your email list ensures that messages are delivere to the inboxes of. The right people at the right time. You can eucate. You can connect. you can sell Remember, the number one rule of email marketing automation is to keep.  Your users experience first, so think outside the box.

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