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Can start drilling into new keyword opportunities around them and assess how they change over time. Many of these opportunities don’t have swathes of historical data report in the usual research tools, but we know that people are searching for them and can use them to inform future content topics as well as immiate keyword opportunities. You can also track these People Also Ask features to identify when your competitors are appearing in them, and get a better idea of how they’re changing their strategies over time and what kind of content and keywords they might also be targeting.

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At Found we use our bespoke SERP Real Lithuania Phone Number List Estate tool to do just that (and much more) so we can spot these opportunities quickly and work them into our approaches. Scraping autosuggest This one doesn’t ne an API, but you’ll ne to be careful with how frequently you use it, so you don’t start triggering the dread captchas. Similar to People Also Ask, you can scrape the autosuggest queries from Google to quickly identify relat searches people are entering. This tends to work better on a small scale, just because of the manual process behind it. You can try setting up a crawl with various parameters enter and a custom extraction.

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But Google will be pretty quick to pick up Phone Number QA on what you’re doing. To scrape autosuggest, you use a very simple URL query string: Okay, it doesn’t look that simple, but it’s essentially a search query that outputs all of the suggest queries for your se query. So, if you were to enter “cyber security” after the you would get: This gives you the most common suggest queries for your se term. Not only is this a goldmine for identifying additional queries, but it can show some of the newer queries that have start trending, as well as information relat to those.

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