Common mistakes in the UX research process Croatia WhatsApp Number List

Whether you’ve gone through a boot camp. Transitioned from another research-related career. Or taught yourself. It’s likely that you’re used to leaning toward certain research methods. You might choose to address each ux research question in the form of user interviews. On the one hand. This may be something you are good at. And on the other hand. You may also prefer direct one-on-one interactions. However. To achieve the best results. Not all ux research problems require the same approach. 2. Why is this wrong? Using the same approach to solving all ux research problems can lead to skewed results. Or it can keep you from completely solving a problem.


Set expectations and offer options

For example. If stakeholders prefer numbers. A card Croatia WhatsApp Number List sorting method or survey may be more appropriate than user interviews. Also. Using the same method all may limit your career growth as a researcher. After all. This will only make you very good at one method and possibly terrible at the other. 3. What should you do Focus on decisions. Try to figure out what decisions the stakeholders want to make and what they want to achieve through research. And what information can help them achieve those decisions and goals. In response. You may use other methods that you do not like to gather the required information. Try new ways and means if you can .


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No time is reserved for data collation and analysis

During a study. You can try new ways and Croatia WhatsApp Number List means to improve your and your team’s understanding of the study. Try research without any restrictions. Conduct field research. And even ask stakeholders to assist you with your work. 2. Error 2 1. Failure to firmly safeguard the interests of users You are in a meeting. At this point. The entire team is discussing and deciding whether to remove a feature. This feature is not used very often. However. There is a small group of loyal users who are very active in using this feature. For business and engineering team members. Removing this feature can save money in the long run by eliminating the need for technical support or maintenance for the feature.

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