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Keywords relating to specific companies Drink – types of coffee, e.g. espresso, iced coffee, brewed coffee Product – capsules, pods, instant, ground Method – e.g. cold brew, French press, drip coffee These topic groupings are fantastic for finding additional areas to explore. You can either: Start here with an overarching topic to identify related terms and then go through the PAA/autosuggest identification process. Start with the PAA / autosuggest identification process and put your new topics into Keyword Planner Whichever way you go about it, I’d recommend doing a few runs so you can get as many new ideas as possible.

Great For Identifying Keywords Related To

Once you’ve identified the topics, run them Macedonia Phone Number List through the refine keywords beta to pull out more related topics, then run them through the PA autosuggest process to get more topics, and repeat a few times depending how many areas you want to explore or how in-depth you need your research to be. Google Trends Trends data is one of the most up-to-date sets you can look at for topics and specific queries. However, it is worth noting that for some topics, it doesn’t hold any data, so you might run into problems with more niche areas.

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An Overarching Topic Below Is An Example

Using travel ban as an example, we can see Phone Number QA the trends in searches as well as related topics and specific related queries: Now, for new opportunities, you aren’t going to find a huge amount of data, but if you’ve grouped your opportunities into overarching topics and themes, you’ll be able to find some additional opportunities from the “Related topics” and “Related queries” sections. In the example above we see these sections include specific locations and specific mentions of coronavirus – something that Keyword Planner won’t provide data on as you can’t bid on it. Drilling into the different related topics and queries here will.

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