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On the other hand, Creator Studio is a tool originally intende for creators and opinion leaders and not for businesses with their normal business activities. The tool also includes a monetization tool for creators, this is of course not in Business Suite. If you have a WhatsApp Business account and also a business Instagram account, you can link these accounts to maintain integrity in the transmission of information and for other purposes. Linking the accounts gives you additional tools. This is how you will do it in a few simple steps. Why connect a business Instagram account with a WhatsApp Business account? Instagram for business and WhatsApp for business are important tools and marketing channels for many users and in particular customers who are small and meium businesses.

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Each of these tools has reasons why you should Indonesia Phone Number List use them and what are their advantages. In order for the information to be up-to-date, it is important to link the business accounts. Connecting WhatsApp Business with a business Instagram account or with a creator account on Instagram. Allows the addition of a WhatsApp contact button on your Instagram profile. A digital marketing expert is available for a call to promote. Your business Check how to improve your marketing channels to promote sales and customers in the business. Free initial consultation (instead of NIS 599). Full name phone E-mail Area of ​​activity of the business What service or product are you intereste in? I agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy I would love to receive updates, news and marketing information by email You can also request a marketing consultation call for your business through our WhatsApp.

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How to link a business Instagram account to a WhatsApp Phone Number QA Business account? To link the accounts, you must follow what is written here below. Connecting through the Instagram app To link the Instagram application on your mobile phone, procee as follows: Click on eit profile. Under Public Business Information, click on Contact Options. Choose a phone number in WhatsApp Business. Choose the WhatsApp number or add a new one.

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