Change the Redirects to Your New Domain Versus the


When I checked the account settings for the backup service, including the plugin settings, the last backup was the day before the domain name migration. A quick change to the settings and then reconnecting the plugin meant we were up and running again. Backups started working again that day. If we hadn’t caught this and something had happened to the site, the company might have been in a tough spot (not having any backups of the site to go back to). Disaster averted.

Back up your site BEFORE you pull the trigger

If you can, I recommend that Germany Phone Number your hosting provider backs up your entire site, including your WordPress installation and databases, every night. If you do, you can always restore your site to a previous version. It can be done quite quickly and can save you a lot of heartache. Additionally, you can use WordPress plugins and/or services to back up your site.

For example, you can use something like UpdraftPlus to back up your site every night, which can automatically upload those backup files to cloud storage.. It’s like digital insurance for SEOs and webmasters, and well worth the extra cost.


 Change backup plugin settings after domain name change

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If you’re using a third-party plugin or backup service (as I recommended above), be sure to change the settings to reflect the new domain name . Recently, a client I helped with a domain name change thought daily backups were happening through a third-party service. But they weren’t.


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