Instead, you can take the minimal viable . Also, content approach, causing many Argentina Phone Number

How do you apply this idea to content marketing . Also, processes? Let’s say you Argentina Phone Number work for a car dealership and want to offer The Ultimate Guide to Car Buying, an interactive online destination filled with checklists, videos, step-by-step guides and. Also, beautiful custom graphics.

You could spend three months planning the project, six months creating it, and another three months desperately promoting it. If we follow the car analogy, you’ve moved to the fully built car – pushing the big final deliverable to customers without getting feedback along . Also, the way. It might or might not work. Either way, you’ve made a big bet.

Instead, you can take the minimal viable . Also, content approach, testing and Argentina Phone Number refining your idea so you can be sure that big piece will succeed by the time you release it rather than spending a year of time and effort on it. budget with crossed fingers.

A useless approach would look like this:

Your guess is that producing a particular release, The Ultimate Guide to Car Buying, will. Also, make it easier for the public to navigate car buying. The r outcome you expect is a love for content, evidenced by various engagement metrics, and you expect that love. Also, to positively impact your business revenue by increasing car sales.

In the first iteration, if you tweet about the ultimate. Also, guide to see if anyone engages – without any ultimate guide to link to – you can’t learn anything. The same goes for writing a short list (iteration two) and creating a landing page that collects email addresses and tells subscribers that the guide is not yet available (iteration three). .

Iterations one, two, and three can all be

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Components of your final promotional push for The Ultimate Guide, but they’re not viable content; they provide no value in themselves.

Like the car example, it’s not until you’ve delivered the final deliverable that you know if the audience wants it. Maybe people would have preferred a mobile app to use while walking around a parking lot during the shopping process, in which case the interactive desktop guide doesn’t help them.

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