Case combat The survey questionnaire pit Belgium WhatsApp Number List stepped on in the product MVP

Commonly used research methods include: in-depth interviews. Job rotation practice. Survey questionnaires. Focus groups. Data analysis. And industry research. These research methods will be mixed and matched according to the needs of the scene. Recently. The team is exploring new project directions. This article shares the pits that were stepped on during the survey questionnaire in this project. Which is in line with the original intention of establishing this official account (the years of avoiding pits for b-end products). First look at a set of data: As of june 2021. The scale of online names aged 50 and above reached 284 million.



Ignoring the efficiency of data analysis

June. And december 2020. The growth rate Belgium WhatsApp Number List of silver-haired netizens reached 31.5%. 40.3%. And 21.4%. Respectively; In june 2020. The average monthly usage time of silver-haired netizens on the mobile internet reached 130 hours. A year-on-year increase of 26%. Higher than the 5% year-on-year growth of all netizens. Data source: “Penguin has a tune – social survey on internet use of silver-haired people – audience survey report on internet aging renovation”. In daily life. Everyone should have experience in teaching elders to use mobile phones. Such as how to send videos to douyin.


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Determine the objectives and scope of the research

the survey questionnaire pit I stepped on in the Belgium WhatsApp Number List product mvp These pain points are product opportunities. Such as: Elderly people aged 55-80 have a certain understanding of internet products. But they often encounter various operational problems during use; Children and relatives teach them hand-in-hand. But when they get older. They forget after learning. And I am embarrassed to ask for help many times; Occasionally give up using a certain life and entertainment software because there is no object for help; It’s hard to find a tutorial. But it’s not intuitive enough. And the learning threshold is high. The above assumption is the premise of the establishment of the product.

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