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The Business Suite system allows you to publish posts to your business Facebook page and Instagram account directly from the tool. You can schedule the posts in advance, you can add media such as photos or video. It is even possible to publish a post at the same time, while making changes and adjustments according to the type of platform. In addition to posts, you can also publish a story on Facebook and a story on Instagram. Also directly from the computer. In addition to all this, Facebook offers you a special calendar where you can manage the publication dates of the posts. This way you can plan in advance when to post, on which dates and more. 4. Publishing ads Business Suite on Facebook also allows you to publish classified ads as part of the Facebook advertising service .

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That is, you can create campaigns and manage them directly India Phone Number List from this tool and not through the Ad Manager on Facebook. 5. Insights and reports One of the most important tools is reports and analytics. The system allows you to see the important results you reach through posting posts and ads. You will be able to see the number of exposures, views, clicks and other actions that your target audience does in your business channels. In addition, you can also get insights about the audience itself, such as demographics, number of followers and likes, city of residence, country and more. 6. Management of business assets.

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You can add new business assets (such as a business Phone Number QA Facebook page , a business Instagram account, a business WhatsApp business account , a Facebook pixel , and more). 7. Additional tools There are several other tools such as business apps that offer technological tools and services that connect to your Facebook account, meetings, services and more. How to open a Facebook Business Suite account? If you have a Facebook Business Manager account – then a business suite is automatically created for you. If you don’t have a business, you must create a Facebook Business Manager first. To access your account, go to the next page .

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