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If there is a question or problem regarding promotions, use this form . General – for all other problems with your account, use this form . Google My Business (Google for my business  Account suspension – if your account has been suspende, use this form . General – for all problems with your account, use this form . Support for agencies – for support regarding the Google My Business agency program, use this form . Knowlege Graph – General – for all problems with your account, use this form.

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Receipts or receiving money Google Adsense – Money was not Luxembourg Phone Number List receive at the bank – if you did not receive payment / will be sent to your bank account, use this form. General – if you have a problem with your AdSense account, cancele account, violations of any kind or other issues, use this form . charges or payments Google Play – Getting a creit for a purchase – if you want to get a creit for a purchase through the app store use this wizard . General – if you have a problem or error regarding the app store, use this form . general For other matters, you can enter the Google Help Center here , select your product and then see the guides and explanations. Some products also have the option of receiving answers through the forums from other users.

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If you use the WhatsApp app, especially for business, you Phone Number QA probably want to create posts like a story on the other social networks, known as a WhatsApp status. These posts are delete and can only be viewe for a certain time. Here’s everything you wante to know. What is WhatsApp status? WhatsApp Status is a tool for creating and sharing posts and content through your WhatsApp account. Which disappear (delete) after 24 hours. Status is shown to the account owner’s contacts and vice versa it can be seen by other people with whom your WhatsApp account is registere. If you are familiar with Instagram story type posts, Facebook story and the like – then WhatsApp status is the tool that is essentially similar to them, which is activate in the instant messaging application.

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