Buying gold, raising chickens, and Armenia WhatsApp Number List frying everything, young people have the idea of ​​”value preservation and appreciation”

I don’t know if it’s because they are really poor or just being good. But young people are indeed becoming more and more careful. The passion of the year is unbearable to look back on. But today’s “Anti-consumerism” is a complete realization. On douban. Xiaohongshu. And station b. They consciously formed an “Anti-consumerism” alliance. While persuading others not to buy it. It was not worth it. While actively looking for discounts and replacements. A hot spot for them to shop. To save money. But also to open source. Young people who are anti-consumerism are more enthusiastic about “Making money”. But it is easy to ignore: those who want to make money are the easiest to be harvested. As a result.



Hoarding rare goods to be appreciated

Young people who claim to have seen Armenia WhatsApp Number List through all consumerist routines have once again fallen into a new consumption trap. 1. Young known golden incense In 2020. The young man who was still calling for the fund manager left sadly after earning a huge tuition fee by the fund market. And turned his head to the embrace of gold. According to the china gold association. In the first three quarters. The actual consumption of gold nationwide was 813.59 tons. A year-on-year increase of 48.44% and an increase of 5.89% over the same period in 2019 before the epidemic. Another “2021 china gold jewelry consumption survey white paper” from the world gold council shows that in just five years.


Armenia WhatsApp Number List

Family self-built farms

In the past. Young people did not like gold. And Armenia WhatsApp Number List thought it was rich and vulgar. Today’s young people love gold. But they value its ability to preserve value. “Gold in prosperous times and antiques in troubled times. Buying gold is investing in the future”. Young people who love gold goods take this sentence as a standard. Compared with the elders who must go to the gold shop to buy gold. They have more and more complicated channels to buy gold. But there is only one core: get the most gold with the least money. Discount coupons. Live room coupons. Full discounts. Offline shopping mall activities. On platforms such as xiaohongshu. Enthusiasts have already sorted out the strategy for gold.

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