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Charging stations to be locat in the parking lots of busy public spaces. Like shopping centers, railroad stations, and business parks. Typically, to be eligible for a GMB listing. A business has to have its own address, but a look at Google’s local search engine results (including Google Maps) shows charging. Stations being permitt to use the address of the public space. For example, an EV charging station in a strip mall near me is using the same address as the Target that anchors the shopping center. Additionally, businesses that host a charging station are allow. To have a link on their listings publicizing this feature.

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Also relat to address many EV Charging stations Brazil Phone Number List will find details on their listings that describe them as locat in” a public space. If the “locat in” descriptor is wrong, look up the business on google.com/maps, click the “suggest an it” button, and try to it the information in this field: If you see no correction within a couple of weeks of taking this action, contact Google My Business support and explain what’s going on. Phone number We’ll take our cue here from Google’s requirements of ATMs and kiosks. As I previously cover in my column on local product kiosks, the EV charging stations you’re marketing ne a customer support phone number. Again, this is one of those unusual grey areas.

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Normally it’s standard advice for each Phone Number QA location of a business to have a unique phone number. But, for EV charging stations, this obviously isn’t practical. Rather, be sure your listings have your help hotline number for customer service nes. A word to the wise: Google has sometimes been prone to conflating listings with too-similar information. Having dozens, hundrs, or thousands of listings with the same brand AND phone number on them could potentially result in the accidental creation of duplicate listings. Large, multi-listing enterprises like EV.

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