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For example, on a block of a paragraph, you can emphasize text or italics. You can add superscript or subscript. Determine a designate color for a certain text within a paragraph, and more. In addition, there is also a side menu of the block settings. Where you can make additional settings such as text size, color, additional settings according to the type of block and other options. At the same time as the block settings, there are also the page or post settings where you can choose the category, add a main image, add a summary, determine the link of the page and choose when the content will be publishe and who has access to it. If you want to play with the blocks and learn more, you can enter the deicate WordPress page at this link .

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This is a page that simulates the content eitor and Tunisia Phone Number List allows you to understand how it works. Here is an illustrative video: Explain how Gutenberg works. Creit: How to cancel or remove Gutenberg? If you didn’t like the content eitor or you want to switch to the classic content eitor, then you have 2 ways to do it: Choosing a “classic” block – there is a block calle a classic block and once you add it, you can simply work with the old content eitor as a block. It’s simple and convenient and you don’t nee to download plugins for it. Downloading an old text eitor plugin – if you are not comfortable using this block, or there are pages that do not work with the new content eitor, then you can download the classic content eitor as a plugin in this link . You can also access the plug-ins area in the control panel > New plug-in > in the text field write “Classic Editor.

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After downloading this plugin, you can eit the Phone Number QA posts in one of the content eitors. You can also set a classic plugin to be the default by going to Settings > Writing and choosing this plugin as default. We actually recommend working with Gutenberg and not downloading the classic plugin. After a short use. You will definitely see how easy and convenient it is to use and how much time it saves you. Elementor is one of the most recommende plugins for WordPress. When we want to design or build a website of any kind or an e-commerce store to sell products. It is not always use, but it certainly makes the job easier.

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