Only with living people can the brand’s sense of interaction be truly enhanced. and bottom Canada Phone Number

With interactive short videos and live broadcasts, as well as the brand Canada Phone Number image of virtual people, you can interact with users at zero distance.

Some big brands are old because the transmission mode of brand values ​​and emotions is too long for users to see or touch.

Only with living people can the brand’s sense of interaction be truly enhanced.

8. Let’s talk about the opposite, e-commerce without shelves, how to solve the problem of users buying back?

The platform of Douyin may have a natural bug for e-commerce, that is, it cannot accumulate true loyal users.

Why do you say this, because Douyin is still a medium in essence. If we Canada Phone Number compare Douyin, Douyin e-commerce is a boutique shopping guide.

However, the boutique shopping guide has a neutral role. When users come to the Douyin platform, their first demand is to consume content or to consume goods?

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If it is consuming content, then the user is the consumable commodity attached. If there is more content than selling goods, it is like saying that when mixing noodles, too much water is added to exceed the noodles, then the noodles are more than water.

Therefore, the relationship between water and noodles is a very interesting topic. In the same way, if the people on the Douyin platform mainly consume content, and then sell goods by the way, will the user go back to this Douyin account to find the goods next time they are looking for goods? If the user does not make a second purchase,

how can brand repurchase be formed? 9. Conclusion

Therefore, my ultimate point of view is that the Douyin system is a powerful tool at the start-up stage. It is suitable for the first wave of new brands when there is no cost,


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