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Creating quality content for the surfer but neglecting things like title tags, alts, descriptions and other hidden messages for the search engine simply will not be effective at the same level. In addition, friendly URLs for search engines ( FRIENDLY URLS ), information architecture (menus, navigation options, etc.) and the like are also essential for the ranking of your website in Google, regardless of the quality of the content itself. We could continue this article on and on and add details about the technical elements that should be taken into account when writing content but one thing is clear. The intention of whoever said that content is king was good, he was just not accurate.

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Content is indeed a ruler, but not a single ruler for a long time. Content Algeria Phone Number List cannot rule without the help of the entire technical realm of the promotion world on all its little cogs and cogs, which must also turn in the right direction. How can you finish without a relevant case study? Digital marketing for content writersWe will end with a short story. A few months ago, a client came to us with an amazing website. One of the leading businesses in its field in Israel. The site was definitely one of the most beautiful and well-invested sites we have seen in a long time. Lots of value for surfers, thousands of pages of content that are well built, right by the book. Even the amount of his surfers was impressive but what.

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A very significant part of the traffic to his website was on the Phone Number QA name of his business and not on phrases that people search for when they want to buy the service (for example, if it was about Tnuva then the surfers came through the phrase “Tnuva” and not “yogurt”). Taking a deeper look at his website code, our eyes darkened. As much as the site was built visually amazing, under the engine the site was just poorly built. No meta tags, unrelated titles, etc. Since the site was huge in terms of the amount of content, it took us several weeks to fix the whole mess, and to match the code level to the design level.

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