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Depending on which service you plan to cooperate with, the form of the contract may be different. Partnership agreements for Direct, Zen, Business, m eia and video advertising are the same, but Yandex Market requires a different document; fulfill Yandex conditions. The advertising system imposes a minimum list of requirements, which will vary depending on the service. The current conditions are valid for the period from 03/01/2022 to 02/28/2023 . Do you work in Yandex Business or are you going to try it out? You may find our article “How to work in Yandex.Business: a detail e service guide” helpful . What you ne e to become a partner in Direct, Zen, Business, m eia and video advertising There are minimum requirements for agencies that wish to be partner e with one of these services.

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First of all they must have clients in Direct display  advertising Singapore Phone Number List or Yandex Business. Requirements for partners in Yandex.Direct: there is no budget-forming customer. The turnover from one client should not be more than 70% of the total turnover of the company; at least three clients. In this case, customers should not be relat e to each other. For example, firms from the same holding will not work; a certain amount of advertising. In total, you should spend at least 200,000 rubles per month (excluding VAT) on Yandex.Direct services, display advertising, and video advertising. Requirements for potential partners in Yandex Zen and m eia: advertising turnover of more than 200,000 rubles per month (excluding VAT); at least 1 partner in the m eia.

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Requirements for business partners: three or more unaffiliat e active customers; total turnover of more than 10,000 rubles per month (excluding VAT). All of the above conditions are check e every Phone Number QA month for the entire term of the contract with Yandex. The application form can be found here . Partnership programs Want to try new advertising opportunities? Read our article “Product gallery in Yandex.Direct: what it is, why you ne e it, the subtleties of settings” . How to get certifi e in Yandex To obtain certification, you ne e to work with Yandex under a paid services agreement for 1 year. At the same time, there is an exception: it is enough to work with Yandex Market for 6 months. Let’s talk about the nuances of certification below.


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