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I deal with all things wordy whether that’s creating content, formulating ideas for exciting Digital PR Campaigns or tweeting away. I love the challenge of translating techy jargon into plain English, and vice versa depending on the audience! Generation Z’s behaviors differ from the cohorts that came before it, creating a new challenge for businesses marketing to consumers within it. Gen Z’s presence is also growing in the marketing industry itself and, as such, learning how to work with and appeal to these young people is a critical step to take sooner rather than later.

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Who is Generation Social media stars might Nigeria Phone Number List be the first people who come to mind when you think of Gen Z (also affectionately called Zoomers), but this age group is more than just TikTokers and YouTubers. Although the purported birth years of this generation vary across different sources, Pew Research refers to them as individuals born from 1997 and onward. With that in mind, it may come as a surprise that these Americans now make up about 28.7% of the total population. For context, Baby Boomers now account for a smaller proportion of just 21.8%, and Millennials around.

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Even more shocking than these statistics may be Phone Number QA the fact that the oldest members of Generation Z are now well into their twenties. While it’s easy to think of this group as teenagers and children, they’ve grown up quickly, and are now major players in the world’s economy. In fact, this group has an annual spending power of around $143 billion, and currently accounts for approximately 40% of global consumers. It’s well known that members of this cohort are digital natives and have been raisedonly to find that the average 6-year-old outperformed those in their 40s. It’s safe to assume most members of this new.

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